Yogic numerally is a universal and holistic 

approach to your birthdate.  Connecting you to your whole self numerically.  It helps you connect to your soul and see your self more clearly. 


Numerology is the language of numbers. Encoded in your birth date are the answers to your lifes fulfillment and spiritual destiny. As you learn this sacred science you will be able to discover the secrets of your true potential and awaken this potential into reality. Throughout the course you will also learn to interpret the birth dates of friends, family members, historical figures, and contemporary personalities.. This well rounded course of study gives you a real working knowledge of a persons inner world, and allows you to understand those around you with greater clarity and compassion.

Information is power, and you will emerge as a specialized counselor in a spiritual science which will place you at the forefront of the Aquarian Age. Your place on the cutting edge of your Destiny Line is calling, all you need is the right information to make it happen!

Reading Includes:

 Understanding of the  your basic Numerology positions. SOUL, KARMA, GIFT, DESTINY, AND PAT

Spiritual interpretation of numbers 

 Yogic Applications / Ten Light Bodies 

Readings are different  prices.  A basic and more advanced. session. 

If you just want to know your  5 basic numbers the session is $44.00   The more detailed session is $108.00  You can't fix things until you know what to do.   The more involved reading shows you the blocks and dynamic that is present with the numbers  and how to open the locked doors.  You can open the lock if you have the key, the more involved reading gives you more insight on which key to use and some fixes.  I will email you meditations, yoga, specific to your numbers and fixes. 

Rates for Parties, trade shows all negotiable.  This is the perfect draw for any trade show booth.  People all want to know their numbers.   Ideal for any social gathering.   Team building at work.  It is the perfect way to understand people better.  Communicate and connect. 

Discover your true self unitizing Numerology. 


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