Your reading will come with an explanation of your numbers based on your date of birth

Studying the symbols of numbers significant to your life can determine a person's personality, strengths, obstacles, talents, inner needs, emotional reactions, and socialization habits.  YOGIC numerology is fun, and an inquisitive way to approach your life and your journey. 

Soul number - it is how you connect to your higher self, your inner infinity. It is your experience of the flow of spirit from with in.  When you master this you have great creativity and flow. You can relax in to the beauty of your life and not stress.  If it is not worked on you feel constantly jammed up, and you work out of your head and not your heart.  You feel "stuck" and have a hard time with creative flow.  

Karma number - This is your home work for you life time.  You need to work on this all the time.  It is external disharmony and the conflict you experience in the world.  It is one of your weak spots. Karma starts you on your spiritual path. Once your master the the body represented by karma, you will find all that your external relationships are easy and have more harmony. 

Gift number - Is Gods gift to you this life time. A natural talent, a natural asset for you. 

Destiny number - what you have worked in from other lifetimes.  The area is about  deeper talents you brought with you on this life's journey.  

Path number - It is your mission number, your mission in this life time.  What you have to do in this life to feel divine and right with the world.  Your path shows you your channel for helping others. 

Each number has a positive or negative side.  The Karma, soul, and path numbers are usually experienced as challenges.            The gift and destiny numbers usually manifest in a positive way. As you become aware of these numbers  you can develop the gifts even stronger your life.