While at my first Steampunk World's Fair, I attended Saturday's Steampunk Numerology talk by Brit Johnson.  Her energy, joy and directness in the application of Yoga and Numerology  are inspiring.  I stayed late on Sunday to attend the next session, and have since had a full reading by her.  If you are looking for fundamental insights to yourself and the why of your life, get a reading too.


"I've never met Brit and I just listened to my reading. I've been in the holistic wellness/new age/ metaphysical/spiritual field for over 10 years now and have been getting readings for 35  years.  This was nothing short of amazing.  Inspiring. Affirming. Heart opening. Do it. Your soul is waiting!  Elisabeth Rolfe 

"Lovely, Britt..... Thank you so much. Very comprehensive.... Your system is fascinating....

Chetan Parkyn   International known Reader and Author of the "Human Design" and many other books on topic.

"Brittany Johnson did a full reading for me that was absolutely amazing! So thorough and spot on. With valuable insights!  I highly recommend her. Check her out! Sal Annuziato   "Nunz"   Recording Artist 

"Wow.. very interesting, these numbers definitely define me"  Chrissy 

"This was very good Brit, It took me a while to process the information.  I liked it very much it was very accurate and personable.  It gave me the necessary action to take, and it is just what I needed to get "unstuck"   

"I came for an IET session, and I was so glad you looked at my numbers and starting pointing them out.  Not only did it resonate as begin accurate, it was stuff I have heard before, other readings, other places.  The solution seems VERY doable and the Body Art is a good symbol.  I put it on my cell phone.. A nice reminder to keep my on track."   

"This is so interesting... I can't believe how accurate it is"  Joelle 

"Yogic Numerology followed by a beautiful Kundalini yoga class was inexplicable.  The Numerology reading was so incredible and accurate, comprehensive, eye-opening and mind blowing for me.  Thank you Brit"     

"Thank you for an amazing kundalini class this morning, and an awesome Numerology reading!!! It certainly has given me a new perspective on my thoughts." Karen

Brit just read my numbers and it was amazing. It was very accurate. Why would you have your numbers read? So that you know your strengths & weaknesses and can be your highest best self. Now I know what I can do to help myself. Thank you Brit!!

It was a wonderful experience,I hope everyone wishes to have an awareness that they did not see prior to the reading. Thank you,Brit Johnson     Dawn 

This was SPOT on, very accurate.   Bill 

After Yoga with Brit Yoga East Greenbush-with Brit Johnson this AM I had a Numerology reading. Whatever I say is going to sound like a pitch but it is not; Britany's is amazing doing the reading and we all have a path on some level perhaps something involved with a higher power when you hear your reading it will ALL make sense.Just "Awesome".Thank you Britany glad I had you do this.

Numerology testimonial from earlier today "Thank you for today. I loved it! It was so nice to meet you. I will look Into your yoga classes. This was spot on."  Catherine